Your Hand In Mine
Chinese: 想握你的手
Pinyin: Xiang Wo Ni De Shou
Genre: Family
Episodes: 180
Network: MediaCorp
Airing dates: November 9, 2009 - July 9, 2010
Broadcasting: 19:00-20:00 Monday-Friday
Website: Your Hand In Mine Website
Your Hand In Mine

Main Cast
Your Hand In Mine-Belinda Lee Your Hand In Mine-Huang Wenyong Your Hand In Mine-Chen Liping Your Hand In Mine-Yvonne Lim Your Hand In Mine-Pei Xuan
Belinda Lee Huang Wenyong Chen Liping Yvonne Lim Pei Xuan
Zheng Aishan Zheng Shanguo Zhang Yuxiang Zheng Aizhen Zheng Aimei
Your Hand In Mine-Yao Wen Long Your Hand In Mine-Shaun Chen Your Hand In Mine-Paige Chua Your Hand In Mine-Cavin Soh Your Hand In Mine-Joanne Peh
Yao Wen Long Shaun Chen Paige Chua Cavin Soh Joanne Peh
Zheng Shuiguo Li Liqin Li Lifen Wu Youli Wu You Qing
Your Hand In Mine-Pamleyn Chee Your Hand In Mine-Pierre Png Your Hand In Mine-Zhang Yao Dong
Pamleyn Chee Pierre Png Zhang Yao Dong
Ah Bing Fang Kai Yue Guang

MediaCorp 2010 Drama Broadcast
19:00-20:00 Series Your Hand In Mine
21:00-22:00 Series TogetherHappy FamilyPriceless WonderThe Best Things In LifeNew Beginnings
2009 < 2010

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