The Season of Fate
Chinese: 五味人生
Jyutping: Ng Mei Yan Sang
Genre: Pre-modern
Episodes: 25
Network: TVB
Airing dates: January 11, 2010 - February 12, 2010
Broadcasting: 21:30-22:30 Monday-Friday
Website: The Season of Fate Website
The Season of Fate

Main Cast
The Season of Fate-Esther Kwan The Season of Fate-Roger Kwok The Season of Fate-Michelle Yim The Season of Fate-Derek Kok The Season of Fate-Lawrence Ng
Esther Kwan Roger Kwok Michelle Yim Derek Kok Lawrence Ng
Lin Sheung-Chu Ma Wing-Ching Wang Yeuk-Lam Leung Kau-Mui Yam Fei-Yeung
The Season of Fate-Oscar Leung The Season of Fate-Vivien Yeo The Season of Fate-Mimi Lo The Season of Fate-Kong Mei Yee The Season of Fate-Regen Cheung
Oscar Leung Vivien Yeo Mimi Lo Kong Mei Yee Regen Cheung
Yam Shing-Tin Wong Kam-Fung Law Man-Tai Tse Yuen-Kwan Tai Kat

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