Off Pedder
Chinese: 畢打自己人
Jyutping: But Da Zi Gei Yun
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 337
Network: TVB
Airing dates: October 20, 2008 – February 12, 2010
Broadcasting: 20:00-20:30 Monday-Friday
Website: Off Pedder Website
Off Pedder

Main Cast
Off Pedder-Teresa Mo Off Pedder-Stephen Au Off Pedder-Chan Hung Lit Off Pedder-Wayne Lai Off Pedder-Florence Kwok
Teresa Mo Stephen Au Chan Hung Lit Wayne Lai Florence Kwok
Yan Seung Yim Yu-Tai Yim Hei Yu Ka-Sing Wong Lai-Mei
Off Pedder-Tsui Wing Off Pedder-Elvina Kong Off Pedder-Joyce Cheng Off Pedder-Aimee Chan Off Pedder-Jim Tang
Tsui Wing Elvina Kong Joyce Cheng Aimee Chan Jim Tang
Bao Kwok-Yan Gam Yiu-Kin Yu Lok-Yee Chan Bo-Lai So Tung-Wo
Off Pedder-Raymond Chiu Off Pedder-Ng Kwun Lai Off Pedder-Elaine Jin Off Pedder-Ivan Ho Off Pedder-Lee Yee Man
Raymond Chiu Ng Kwun Lai Elaine Jin Ivan Ho Lee Yee Man
Mok Dik-Ko Chung Wan Gai-Ho Ka So-San Yan Dai-Dak Luk Bing-Bing
Off Pedder-Wong Cho Lam Off Pedder-Joyce Koi Off Pedder-Queenie Chu Off Pedder-Yvonne Ho Off Pedder-Celine Ma
Wong Cho Lam Joyce Koi Queenie Chu Yvonne Ho Celine Ma
Tang Lai-Kwan Ho Lin-Da Ko Ling Mak Chau-Kuen Lee Yee-Kam

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