OL Supreme
Chinese: 女王辦公室
Jyutping: Nui Wong Ban Gong Sut
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 80
Network: TVB
Airing dates: February 22, 2010 - June 11, 2010
Broadcasting: 20:00-20:30 Monday-Friday
Website: OL Supreme Website
OL Supreme

Main Cast
OL Supreme-Liza Wang OL Supreme-Chapman To OL Supreme-Denise Ho OL Supreme-Ron Ng OL Supreme-Joel Chan
Liza Wang Chapman To Denise Ho Ron Ng Joel Chan
Lui Siu-Fung Si Sup-Yut Miu Sik-Ji Ling Siu-Kei Lui Yu
OL Supreme-Cheung Kwok Keung OL Supreme-Lam Lei OL Supreme-Sire Ma OL Supreme-Koni Lui OL Supreme-Wilson Tsui
Cheung Kwok Keung Lam Lei Sire Ma Koni Lui Wilson Tsui
Sou Dai-Tung Jiu Jin-Peng Cheung Mei-Gwan Sung Cho-Man Ha Lei-Seun
OL Supreme-Lau Kong OL Supreme-Angelina Lo OL Supreme-Kwok Fung OL Supreme-Joey Mak OL Supreme-Patrick Dunn
Lau Kong Angelina Lo Kwok Fung Joey Mak Patrick Dunn
Lui Sui-Lung Lui Man Yu-Ju Ling Dok Ling Siu-Yung Wu Seung Bong
OL Supreme-Li Ka Sing OL Supreme-Sherry Chen OL Supreme-King Kong
Li Ka Sing Sherry Chen King Kong
Chung Bok-Si Sherry Chen Chan Wing-Yan

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