My Better Half
Chinese: 老公萬歲
Jyutping: Lo Gung Man Sui
Genre: Family
Episodes: 20
Network: TVB
Airing dates: February 16, 2010 – March 16, 2010
Broadcasting: 21:30-22:30 Monday-Friday
Website: My Better Half Website
My Better Half

Main Cast
My Better Half-Michael Miu My Better Half-Maggie Cheung My Better Half-Michael Tse My Better Half-Teresa Lee My Better Half-Mandy Cho
Michael Miu Maggie Cheung Michael Tse Teresa Lee Mandy Cho
Ching Sum Ko Lai-Sum Ching Yee Mau Ling-Ji Yau Ka-Lei
My Better Half-Derek Kok My Better Half-Mimi Lo My Better Half-Oscar Leung My Better Half-Grace Wong My Better Half-Wu Fung
Derek Kok Mimi Lo Oscar Leung Grace Wong Wu Fung
Kong San-Sou Poon Nei-Sin Hung Cheut-Sek Sou Sin-Hung Lou Cheung-Chun
My Better Half-Lee Fung My Better Half-Chu Wai Tak My Better Half-Suet Nei
Lee Fung Chu Wai Tak Suet Nei
Gam Ngan-Fa Ching Yi-Cheung Lam Bat-Hang

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